Hello and Greetings Wine Friends.

I created this website to find the best quality of wine amongst the thousands worldwide. Like most of you, I love drinking wine, but cannot afford to taste as many as I like. You can read all the wine reviews, but nothing is better than personal recommendations from people like you. So my fellow wine drinkers, this is your chance to be a wine critic and help your fellow wine lovers.
I dedicated this website to anyone who wishes to share their interest and knowledge in wine making, growing grapes and the education of wine lovers throughout the world. We hope we can build a community forum in which everyone can discuss freely their enjoyment in wine.
As an avid wine connoisseur, I rigorously seek the most exquisite wines for my wine cellar. Unfortunately, finding the wineries was more difficult than it should have been. So recently, I turned my attention to making the journey easier for others.

I raise my glass to your successful expedition!


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