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Joe Mazzarella,


When it comes to the Internet, Location = Simplicity + Meaning
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Masters of Their Domains

As Russell Horowitz sits in his immaculate downtown Seattle office, with nary a piece of paper in sight, the co-founder and CEO of Marchex Inc. seems in constant movement.

He is sharing a story about his youthful love of baking. Horowitz jokes that he was the only kid in his college dorm who would send care packages back home.
For this serial entrepreneur, developing his latest startup, Marchex Inc. had a lot in common with the process of creating in the kitchen.
“Innovation, to me, is when you take existing ingredients in unique proportions and bring them together to create something totally new,” says Horowitz, looking like a well-coifed, aging surfer dude with his dark blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. “We didn’t create the ingredients, but we brought them together in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

Complicated creation
Marchex is a complex dish, indeed.
Horowitz has teamed up again with much of the top management talent that helped him build internet portal Go2Net in the late 1990s. This time, they are looking to build a leader in the hottest new internet field: local online search.
Marchex’s four founders have amassed a treasure trove of more than 200,000 internet domain names, including every zip code in the nation. With names like and, most of these websites are targeted at serving local communities across the nation. Marchex plans to use new technology to build these sites, which currently serve more than 31 million unique visitors a month, into major moneymakers.
Why is all this important? Because in business location is always important. In cyberspace, the domain names are the real estate locations. A popular domain name that generates consumer traffic has the potential to generate hundreds of dollars a day from people clicking on advertisement listings. Acquiring the rights to these domain names has become a huge business and owning them is the ultimate barrier to entry. Horowitz likens it to owning “beachfront property.”
“Microsoft can show up and say, ‘We are going to spend $5 billion to build a competitive search product,’ but they will never own They will never own,,,” Horowitz says. “It’s the real estate that is key.”
But an army of websites is only half of Horowitz’s strategy. The company also boasts an advertising platform that allows more than 30,000 small, medium and large businesses to market themselves through Marchex’s thousands of targeted websites as well as through partnering companies, such as internet giants Google and Yahoo. Horowitz and his team say this model is so successful, they are gaining about 3,500 new advertisers each quarter.

Photo of Russell Horowitz by Rick Dahms

Want to read more about Russell Horowitz and Marchex? Pick up the November issue of Seattle Business Monthly on newsstands now, or subscribe here.

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